So you've have been nominated as an Executor in a Will and are now charged with honouring your loved ones wishes by administering their Estate as they planned. But the task can become overwhelming.

You'll need expert advice from compassionate people who can guide you in performing your duties and honoring your loved ones wishes.

If the Estate has assets above a certain value the process can become more complicated and you may need to make application for a grant of probate. You'll need to provide certain documents to satisfy Government, Council, Bank, Insurer and Investor agency requirements. Debtors may need to be paid, creditors contacted, and business interests wound up according to the Sucession Plan. You may think everything will be all right, but what if something goes wrong?

At David Mills LAWYERS our team of compassionate and experienced staff will act as an instrument through which we empower you to perform your important role. At our FREE initial consultation we will provide an outline of how we can assist you. After all you are the one who has been entrusted to ensure a smooth and timely administration of their Estate.

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