NOT AS EXPENSIVE AS YOU MIGHT THINK and our professional fees may be FREE ! !

Your time is valuable. Your finances are limited. You don't want to be charged for phone calls and unnecessary work.

You want commitment from your law firm to charge only for the work that is actually undertaken.

At David Mills LAWYERS we identify in our first meeting with you the overall position of your legal inquiry. Based on the accuracy of this information we will formulate a plan of approach and provide you with a fixed price to undetake the specific work required in order to achieve the desired outcome.

We are proud of our services and are confident in our abilities.

We don't believe that you should bear the costs of the other parties solicitor sending unnecessary faxes and correspondences to us. We don't believe in charging you when making phone enqiries to us and we consider it imperative that you are comfortable with contacting us without concern of being charged for the privilege and that the  “meter is running”.

You'll find our fees are very competitive.

And for Conveyance matters, if your contract doesn't proceed to settlement our Professional fees are FREE ! ! 


CRIMINAL LAW expert advice

Magistrate Court representation on a plea of guilty:

  • Basic plea - Junior Solicitor representing you - Professional fees of $1,100 including gst
  • More complex plea - Junior Solicitor representing you - Professional fees of $2,200 including gst
  • Bail application - Junior Solicitor representing you - Professional fees of $2,200 including gst
  • If your matter is more complex or you seek to have our Mr Mills represent you different fees may apply.

Summary Hearing or Committal:

  • Cost per day - Junior Solicitor representing you - Progessional fees of $3,300 including gst + Counsel costs

District Court or Supreme Court Trial:

  • If your matter is more complex or you seek to have our Mr Mills represent you different fees may apply.

Please contact us to clarify the cost for your specific criminal matter.

CONVEYANCING expert advice

  • Property Sales - Professional fees of $880 including gst
  • Property Purchase - Professional fees of $1,100 inclusive of  gst, + $600 for standard searches. If additional searches are required these are charged to you at cost. There are no "mark ups" 

And if your contract doesn't proceed to unconditional our Professional fees are FREE ! !



  • Wills for a single person - $110.00 including gst
  • Enduring Power of Attorney for a single person - $88.00 including gst
  • Discounts apply for a couple requiring the above services
  • Estate matters - fixed fees are dependent upon the complexity of your matter and the requirement (if any) of a Supreme Court application.

Please contact us for specific fees dependent upon the Estate circumstances.

FAMILY LAW expert advice

Unfortunately, we're not accepting matters at the moment. Please contact us and we'll be happy to refer you to a firm that does.


Accessing 64 years of extensive legal experience may not be as expensive as you think.

Talk to us  about how we can solve your legal matter.


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