Think about it.

What if you suddenly become seriously ill, are injured in an accident, suffer a stroke, or develop a condition which makes it impossible for you to make informed decisions about your life? What will happen if you are deemed to have diminished capacity and become unable to make decisions about health care, finance and personal care decisions? How will your spouse, family and medical providers be able to make important decisions on your behalf ?

Having an expertly prepared Enduring Power of Attorney is critical in the event that you are unable to state your wishes or look after yourself.

Our team at David Mills LAWYERS can assist in developing an Enduring Power of Attorney to appoint a person or persons to make legal and financial decisions on your behalf for a specified period of time, or ongoing as may be necessary. It’s a good idea to make a Power of Attorney:

  • When travelling around Australia or abroad
  • During a period of illness - expected or otherwise

By nominating an Attorney, you are appointing a trusted person to make personal lifestyle decisions on your behalf when you are not capable of doing this yourself. An Attorney will make a decisions about:

  • where you will live (eg. in a hostel or nursing home)
  • what health care you will receive
  • who will be your treating doctor
  • what other services will be provided (eg meals on wheels)

It's important to prepare for what will happen in the event that you don't die.

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